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Strike-class Medium Cruiser Star WarsExodus.

[Source] The Strike-class Medium Cruiser, better known simply as the Strike Cruiser, has been called the Empire's best kept secret and is unique by its modular design. To many the Strike Cruiser's combat capabilities come as quite the surprise. It was designed to be mass produced in a limited. The Cruiser is a Ship that is available at the Shipyard in Tech Level 4. It has a very long range, and can be used to bombard structures on land, but is ineffective against other Ships, and can be easily taken down by Destroyers. It can be upgraded to the Adv Cruiser. The S-class cruiser was a cruiser used by the Sith Empire. The S-class cruiser began its service in the Imperial Navy during the Great Galactic War, it continued to be used throughout the Cold War and into the Galactic War. It was regarded as "out dated" by the Republic Military at the time. Add Image The Star Cruiser was a starship employed by the Galactic Empire. Characteristics It was considered an air cruiser, and was smaller than an Imperial-class Star Destroyer. It had TIE-like wings on each side of the superstructure. The Star Cruiser fired one large laser blast rather than. The Imperial Light Cruiser is an Imperial starship in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. On Imperial Shipyard, the Imperial Light Cruiser serves an objective in the first stage. In the campaign mission General Distress, an Imperial Light Cruiser appears during the sky battle to reinforce Imperial.

The star cruiser in orbit about Byss. Kuat Sector, prior to Clone Wars; galaxywide campaigns, when Empire proclaimed. Apparently one of the top-line star dreadnoughts in the wealthy and well defended shipbuilding Kuat Sector at the outbreak of the Clone Wars. Steam Workshop: Space Engineers. Produced by Kuat Drive Yards, Arquitens II Light Cruiser were produced by Galactic Empire as next Version of Arquitens Cruiser. Empire simply added better armor and better equipment with better Trubol. As seen in the Star Wars Rebels television show, the Imperial light cruiser is a communications and blockade ship used to help the Empire spread its domain throughout the galaxy. In Star Wars ™: Armada, the Imperial Light Cruiser Expansion Pack presents this ship as a fast, small-base Imperial vessel that excels at providing long-range fire support from its broadsides. 08/03/2014 · STAR WARS™ Empire at War: Gold Pack > Guides > Albion's Guides This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community &. Imperial landing craft or Sentinel-class landing craft were designed for the Special Edition release of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and created entirely with CGI. However, they first appeared in products of the Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire multimedia campaign.

Ships of the Galactic Empire. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyond. Buy Star Wars: Empire at War from Amazon. Capital Ships. Imperial Star Destroyer: Mon Calamari Cruiser: Frigates. Victory Cruiser: Acclamator-class Cruiser: Interdictor Cruiser: Pirate Interceptor Frigate: Nebulon-B Frigate: Assault Frigate Mk II: Corvettes. Tartan Patrol Cruiser: Broadside Cruiser. Buy Star Wars: Empire at War from Amazon. Empire at War Heaven » Units » Mon Calamari Cruiser. Mon Calamari Cruiser. Heavy Rebel attack cruiser armed with 4 turbolaser batteries and 2 ion cannon batteries. Invulnerable to shield generator destruction. This ship can only be built on Kuat. The MC80a Calamari Cruiser, sometimes called Mon Calamari Star Cruiser or Mon Calamari Cruiser was the backbone of the Rebel Alliance Fleet. It was a heavy starship and exceptionally durable. It could carry a complement of up to three starfighter squadrons. They were armed with turbolasers, ion.

The sudden arrival of armadas with trillions of refugees and thousands of warships between the events of Episodes 5 & 6 forever alters the Star Wars universe and plunges the galaxy into an unprecedented period of chaos and violence. Begun, a new conflict has. These powerful ships can blow up star destroyer in a matter of seconds. Don't worry though. Continue your battle near the base and send all your bombers to deal with enemy dreadnoughts. Shoot them with Broadsides too, if you have any left. One cruiser should be destroyed, before getting to your positions. Featured in the Imperial Light Cruiser Expansion Pack for Star Wars™: Armada, these versatile ships are smaller than the Star Destroyers the Empire reserves for its most urgent concerns, but they present a considerable threat, nonetheless, due to their speed, responsiveness, and the firepower they command with their quad lasers and turbolasers.

A Starship is a vehicle designed for interstellar travel, specifically between star systems. While most starships are equipped with a hyperdrive unit capable of travel between systems all over the galaxy, some vessels only possess sublight engines and as such cannot effectively travel farther than the range of their home system. Marauder missile cruisers, also known as the Marauder Corvette or Marauder Cruisers, They are used by both mercenaries and the Rebel Alliance. The Rebel Alliance modified some so that they fire missiles that can take down shields quickly but they are weakly armored and have weak shields. This. This is the freshly re-textured Bothan Assault Cruiser. It's currently used as a hero ship but it will also be serving as a capital ship for the New Republic Navy. The original model is another bit of EvilJedi's handiwork. Many Bothans died in the texturing. A must for the Star Wars buff, these sailings aboard the Disney Fantasy include stops in Tortola, St. Thomas/St. John and Castaway Cay, with 3 days at sea. Learn More About 7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruises from Port Canaveral with Star Wars Day at Sea.

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